We are so excited to collaborate with 88 Cups of Tea to bring you a special episode featuring Beth Revis! Beth is a New York Times bestselling author most widely recognized for her book series Across the Universe. In her latest title, A World Without You, featured in our inaugural Quarterly YA Fiction Book Box, Beth guides us through the complex worlds of loss and grief from a lens of mental illness. 

88 Cups of Tea is a podcast that features amazing creative souls, produced and hosted by Yin Chang. Yin connects with inspiring guests and power players in the industry to empower writers of all kinds. 

In today’s episode, Yin dives right into how Beth drew inspiration from her career as a teacher for her book series Across the Universe and explores how to instill confidence in new writers to move past that imposter syndrome. 


  • How Beth drew inspiration from her career as a teacher for her book series Across the Universe
  • How online writing communities instill confidence for you as a writer
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome as a writer
  • Finding value in failure and how it sustains a long-term career for your art
  • Beth’s research methods for crafting science fiction novels
  • What it means to make your story’s world dirty and how this writing tip can help your world building process
  • How to write strong background characters
  • Advice on writing unreliable characters
  • How to approach emotional scenes in your story
  • Beth shares her experience as Quarterly’s first YA fiction curator, from the thought process in carefully selecting the books and goodies for her subscription box, to the thoughts she had when writing annotations throughout A World Without You
  • How and why to send out your query letters in batches
  • Advice for earning an income while pursuing your art

For more, please visit http://88cupsoftea.com/podcast/bethrevis/.