For the month of June, 2017, we will be donating books to Zambia. In partnership with Books for Africa, the Lumwana International School, and Holy Cross Convent School, we aim to bring 20,000 books to the Lumwana region. Due to the economic conditions in Lumwana, few children have access to books — there are no local libraries or bookshops and many of the schools are in remote areas making books even harder to obtain. With your help, each PageHabit subscription sends a book to Lumwana and helps to bridge the literacy gap, with the hope of creating real change in the area. 


PageHabit is founded on the simple belief that reading is for everyone. With the purchase of every PageHabit box, we make a donation to support children’s literacy around the world. Each month, we partner with a different organization with the same mission, to help get books into the hands of children everywhere.

Reading is important. Not just as a means of recreation, but a real measure of success in life. Illiteracy is a global problem, stretching from the United States to the United Kingdom, from Uganda to Laos and everywhere in between. The inability to read and write quickly leads to big problems later in life. Illiterate people are more likely to be poor, lack an education, and miss out on opportunities to fully participate in society and the workforce. Sadly, their choices in life are far too limited. We want to change that; one box, one book and one child at a time.

In addition, for every PageHabit unboxing photo tagged with #mypagehabit across social media, we will make another donation to support this cause. Because reading should be fun, exciting, engaging, and above all, for everyone.