This quarter’s YA Fiction Box had it all — friendships, road trips, and dragons — curated by Rory Harrison! Rory lives in the American midwest, and is sorted into Slytherin. She’s a geek and a gamer: she and pop culture are >>likedis<<. Some of her favorite games include Skyrim, Dragon Age I & III, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars I & II, Life is Strange, Goat Simulator and whatever else strikes her fancy at the moment. When she’s not reading, writing, or gaming, she’s having very strong opinions about things.

Each quarterly YA Fiction box features an exclusive annotated edition of the author’s new release, two additional titles hand-picked by the author and fun bookish goods. Each box also comes with a personal letter from the author! This box featured Looking For Group; a beautiful novel about identity, home, and fresh starts that recounts one boy’s quest to discover a world where he can thrive, one adventure at a time. 

Take a peek inside Rory’s curated quarterly YA Fiction Box below!


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